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Thank You for Keeping North Dakota Safe!

The North Dakota Rural Health Association wants to thank all the healthcare workers in North Dakota. Thank you! COVID-19 has thrown out everything we have known, and turned it on its head. This pandemic has been unknown, scary, fraught with anxiety, kept people home, kids out of schools, and caused havoc with everyone's mental health. Yet you stayed, served in the hospital and clinics, long-term care facilities, EMS, home healthcare, public health offices, and so many other healthcare facilities and professional settings. You worked extra hours, you made sure you had PPE ready, you faced budget cuts and possible furloughs, and you had your own families to tend to.

We know rural health workers answer the call every day and we want you to know, WE SEE YOU. You have not been forgotten. The pandemic is not over and ebbs and flows will surface, and you will continue to answer the call to care. The call to heal. The call to protect.

Rural healthcare facilities are economic leaders in so many communities across the state and their very existence is important to community well-being, especially right now, when our local economies have taken such a hit. None of this is easy, or comfortable, or fun. And we support you.

During this time, when you notice a need for education, or a need for policy change, we are here for you. The North Dakota Rural Health Association is ready to educate policy makers on current pressing matters in our healthcare system. Please let us know how we can share your ideas, not only for this current pandemic, but also to help prepare for future health crisis.

If you want your voice heard, please reach out to And again, thank you for putting the health of North Dakotans first. It has made a difference.

Brittany Ness, Chair
North Dakota Rural Health Association